Management of world class venture funds

Since 2004, we have been involved in project financing, with particular focus on shipping, aviation, venture and renewable energy. In total, we have financed assets of around DKK 7 billion. 

In recent years, we have focused on our collaboration with some of the world’s best venture funds. We are now about 90 investors, with a total investment of around DKK 200 million. We are, in our Board of Directors, among the first to have invested in these venture funds in the Nordics. 

  Latest news

We are currently registered as a manager of alternative investment funds (AIFM).

Recently, we applied to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority to obtain status as an authorized manager of alternative investments. We expect to achieve this new status within August 2022.

As an authorized manager, we will be subject to significantly increased requirements for our organization, compliance and risk management. 

In addition, we have applied for permission to market and manage alternative funds in all EU/EEA countries on favorable terms. Our prime focus will be on American and Asian venture funds. 

In continuation of the new status, we expect to expand our team. 

Within the next few years, we are looking to increase our focus on marketing and managing some of the world’s best Nordic climate funds.  

  Alternative Investments

has as its characteristics, through diversification and lack of correlation, the ability to balance a portfolio’s risk in relation to ordinary stocks and bonds and thus improve overall risk-adjusted returns.


In a disruptive world, investing in the right venture fund of funds has an attractive risk adjusted return profile

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